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It’s not every day that a new entrant to the music field achieves immense success with their very first EP – but this was something that was undoubtedly true for Red Devil Vortex, whose immense success in the music industry was largely spurred on by their early achievements with their […]

‘Red Devil Vortex’ Releases ‘Psycho’ Music Video

Singer Christine Lee is showing the world her inner pop star with her brand new music video for her single, “Superstar.” The video, which was directed by Spencer D. Evans of Spirinity Productions, showcases Christine in a new light as the young singer steps into her “superstar” persona. Singing, dancing, […]

Christine Lee Channels Inner Pop Star with "Superstar" Music Video

This is from Idolator Meet Brooklynn, a dark-haired beauty who, despite her name, hails from Atlanta. Known as the Queen Of Soul Pop & Roll, Brooklynn premiered her independently-released “Take My Hand” video on YouTube last fall, and it subsequently racked up over 1 million views. Today Idolator is giving […]

Brooklynn, new queen of soul, pop and roll’s new video