Unveiling ‘Flex’: Read the News Records Redefines Music’s Frontier with a Daring Fusion

Unveiling the latest sonic innovation from ‘Read the News’ on their independent label, ‘Read the News Records’ – it’s the second release titled ‘Flex.’ This track transcends genre conventions by seamlessly blending the pulsating rhythms of melodic techno with the commanding presence of a driving hip-hop vocal. The result is a unique and dynamic musical experience that keeps listeners on the edge with unexpected twists and turns.

What sets ‘Flex’ apart is its ability to surprise and captivate, presenting a harmonious marriage of two distinct styles. The track’s progressive techno foundation serves as the perfect backdrop for the rhythmic intensity of the hip-hop vocals, creating a synergy that defies expectations.

Complementing this audial masterpiece is the visually striking artwork by the talented sculptor and digital creator Parsa Mostaghim. The unique clay 3D sculpture features Lukas Mayer and Ryder Ulmer suspended in space, their forms intricately intertwined. This visual representation adds an extra layer of depth to the overall experience, echoing the seamless fusion of sounds encapsulated in ‘Flex.’

In this day and age, we forget the importance of forming our own opinion. An overabundance of external noise results in the loss of uniqueness. This also applies in the world of musical exploration. Taking time to introduce new sounds and find new satisfaction in unfamiliar music.

Read the News. In 2020 Zurich—based duo Lukas Mayer and Ryder Ulmer began their collaboration, both producing and performing at events in Switzerland. They both possess a passion and fascination for melodic house & techno, and actively seek inspiration in various music genres.

From 2021 onwards, their productions received recognition from several credible artists in the industry and were played at many events throughout the world. They later would go on to create their independent record label “Read the News Records” and release further productions on various other record labels.

They have shared the stage with names such as: Adriatique, Ame, Brina Knauss, Camelphat, Colyn, Denis Horvat, Kevin de Vries, Konstantin Sibold, Maceo Plex, Mathame, Marino Canal, Massano, Mind Against, Patrice Baumel, Solomun & many more.

Read the News now strive to expand their exploration of electronic music and furthermore introduce their own unique sounds throughout the world.





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