Scaling Emotional Heights: A Conversation with ‘LUCHI’ on ‘Mountain’ and the Journey Behind His Latest Single

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your latest single ‘Mountain’ and the emotional journey that led to its creation?

Mountain is a really special song to me. It was written last year and it was inspired by a conversation that I had with someone close to me that has addiction issues. I was trying to get them to get help and they just didn’t feel strong enough. It was horrendous to be on the other side watching someone you love in self destruction. It takes so much strength to pull yourself out of rock bottom and start the healing journey so you have to build up that resilience in yourself to take on the fight. Your demons can be so loud and powerful sometimes, our heads can really be a hard place to live. I have been there before with my own mental health journey so I could relate and also used some of my own experience in the song.

‘Mountain’ has been described as “momentous and anthemic.” What elements did you intentionally incorporate into the song to achieve this effect?

Writing the song it just came out of me. I was sitting by my keyboard at 3am as I couldn’t sleep and the song just came out. The demo was just me and a piano but I could hear the song being very grand and epic in my head so I sent it to my producer Chris Stagg and he helped me build it into then song you hear now. I want the listener to come on the journey with me and as the song builds, they feel that in their body’s too. The racing heart, the anticipation and like you are going into battle. With the sharp stings and the big booming drums I think we created a soundscape where the song really takes you on an emotional journey in the music, the lyrics and the vocals.

The songwriting process for ‘Mountain’ seems quite spontaneous. Can you share your creative process and how you managed to write it in just 10 minutes?

I am someone who feels all the feelings all of the time so I do write a lot and often get inspired and run to my keyboard. For me it’s sometimes about capturing the moment when the inspiration hits. I’m not going to lie, not all songs are like that but with songs like this its hard to describe but you almost come out of your body and something else takes over, I set up my phone, press
record on voice notes and then just allow myself to be a channel for the song. It does sound a bit crazy but those songs are so special because you sit back and are like, “where did that come from?” I have been doing it so long now that know in those moments just to let it be and allow the song to come. I can do the whole, sit down, write a song about this or in a session with an artist and put myself into songwriter mode but then with songs like this is just happens. I wish I could describe it better but I know other songwriters will know what I mean.

You mentioned that ‘Mountain’ can relate to anyone facing a big challenge. How do you hope this song will resonate with your audience, especially those dealing with addiction and mental health issues?

I hope that it brings comfort and lets them know that they are not alone. Sometimes when we are going through a difficult time, we can feel like we are the only ones in pain. With toxic positivity and social media hashtags, we can be bombarded with messaging like, “you’ve got to pick yourself up” or “just do it” but sometimes you have to sit in your pain until you feel strong enough to fight back. It takes an incredible amount of resilience and strength to start the healing joinery and tackle your demons so this song is showing that side.

You have a strong background in songwriting, and you’ve also written for other artists. What motivates you to write music, and how do you approach songwriting for yourself versus other artists?

It’s something that comes so naturally to me that it doesn’t really take a lot of motivation. When a song comes into my head then I have to get it out. I approach both in the same way in terms of getting the best out of a song and making it real and honest but when you are writing for others, it’s their story you are telling and you have to be respectful of that and ultimately, its their song so you want them to be happy with it so you have to compromise on certain things because of that. I’m an empath so I find it really easy to be able to connect to another human and feel their emotions so I think that definitely helps when writing for others. Even if I wasn’t doing it as a job, I wouldn’t be able to stop writing.

Your journey in the music industry started at a young age. How has your upbringing in Glasgow influenced your music and your resilience in the industry?

Glasgow is such a diverse, multicultural city and I think it has influenced me in a way that Glasgow is a very strong and independent city. The people are your salt of the earth types and very real, honest people. It’s also a very hard working city so it instilled in me that you can chase your dreams but you have to work hard in order to get there. The Italian side has given me the passion and drama needed to be an artist. Italians are very passionate people so I definitely inherited that.

Over the years, you’ve released several successful singles. What do you believe sets your music apart and makes it resonate with listeners?

I think that what sets my music apart is my perspective. I think thats what each artists brings to a song as we are all talking about the same things when you boil it down but we all have our own language, our own way of evoking emotion. I think that the part of my music that resonates with my audience is that its real and honest. I wear my heart on my sleeve as a writer and I know my
audience appreciate that.

Could you describe your distinctive style as an artist and how it has evolved throughout your career?

I think that its been a learning curve throughout my career and just growing in confidence. I have self worth issues and I always wanted to blend in so I was very much trying to hide away from being noticed as I didn’t want negative attention so my style was very formal, mass appealing and a bit bland but that wasn’t me in my personal life so I have injected a whole bunch of colour to match the visuals to my personality. I’m 6ft 4, broad built with a booming Glaswegian accent so it’s hard to blend in haha. It will continue to evolve and I guess thats part of life as well as a career, you want to try new things, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

What are your aspirations and goals for the future as an artist, and how do you plan to achieve them?

I want to be doing this for the rest of my life so I will continue to write the best songs I can, connecting with my audience and being me. It’s not a massive action plan but thats the core of it. I would like to get back on the road playing live as it’s been a while so I am planning on starting the back up at the beginning of next year with small intimate shows to dust off the cobwebs and
hopefully build from there.

Can you share any upcoming projects or releases that your fans can look forward to, and what themes or messages can they expect in your future music?

I have a lot more music to come that is a little bit different and is continuing the evolution of my artist career. You can always expect honest and vulnerable songs from me but I have just ended a relationship so expect some heartbreak anthems coming your way very soon.

Where can we find you online ?

You can follow me on Instagram at and tiktok at