Brooklynn, new queen of soul, pop and roll’s new video

This is from Idolator

Meet Brooklynn, a dark-haired beauty who, despite her name, hails from Atlanta. Known as the Queen Of Soul Pop & Roll, Brooklynn premiered her independently-released “Take My Hand” video on YouTube last fall, and it subsequently racked up over 1 million views.

Today Idolator is giving you the first look at the video for the singer’s funky soul-pop number “Mile High,” which serves as a sequel to “Take My Hand.” Here we see Brooklynn and her boyfriend, played by Micah Thompson, robbing houses while in disguise. As the visual plays out, we watch as Thompson learns he has a tumor in his chest, and so the pair’s criminal ways turn out to be a means to pay for his medical bills.

Brooklynn is eventually apprehended during a botched robbery, while Micah manages to get away.

“I believe this video is a reflection of what most people go through in this day and age,” the singer tells Idolator. “We are all faced with unique versions of adversity and some of us feel we are at our last resort. People are willing to do whatever it takes to survive physically and financially. Some resort to unhealthy habits and others resort to unhealthy relationships but what gets you through the day is the pursuit of happiness within yourself. As corny as it sounds, it’s true.”

Download “Mile High” for free via the SoundCloud player below, and watch Brooklyn in the song’s music video above.