‘Nasty’ is the new single from Garrett Lodge ft. Kxne. Nasty was Garrett’s debut release. He dropped in 6 months ago and has since received over 170,000 streams on Spotify. Nasty is a hard-hitting Rap/Tech House/Electro banger. On November 13th 2023, the world-renowned electronic music reviewer HATO played Nasty on […]

Breaking Boundaries: How Garrett Lodge’s ‘Nasty’ Transcends Genres

‘LECLIPSE’ is the captivating and enchanting new 3-track EP by the highly acclaimed Berlin-based music producer, Luca Draccar. While one cannot gaze directly at the blazing sun, everyone can witness its beauty during an eclipse. Within a tumultuous coalescence of intense and tempestuous atmospheres, the soundscapes of this imaginative and […]

‘Luca Draccar’ is back with LECLIPSE EP: A Celestial Journey into Enigmatic Techno

In today’s digital age, where music artists have more access to their audience than ever before, a well-crafted music press release remains a powerful tool for promoting your work, reaching a broader audience, and securing media coverage. Whether you’re releasing a new album, single, or planning an event, a compelling […]

Writing the Perfect Music Press Release: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introducing you to the electrifying force in the realm of pop music – Gable. He ushers in a contemporary musical experience that stands unparalleled, captivating audiences with his distinctive vocals and boundless energy. Gable is here to redefine the very essence of showmanship, making it an absolute must to tune […]

Gable: The Pop Sensation Redefining Showmanship in Music

If you’ve yet to discover the musical brilliance of Luchi, consider this your wake-up call. Hailing from Glasgow and channeling the poetic depth of Bob Dylan combined with the pop-rock flair of Elton John, Luchi is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. His newest release, “You’ll […]

LUCHI – “You’ll Hurt More” is the Anthem We Didn’t Know We Needed

‘Left It All Behind’ is the new single from ‘Seraphina Sanan’. Seraphina Sanan is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter from Chicago, Illinois whose music journey began at age four. A talented artist trained in acting, dance, and vocal theatrical performance, she spent more than a decade sharpening a powerful sound that sets […]

Powerful and Impactful: Seraphina Sanan’s ‘Left It All Behind’ Makes Waves

Hip-hop culture has frequently encountered criticism for its glorification of negative lifestyles. However, emerging artist Da-Mind takes a refreshing approach that sets him apart. In his latest single, ‘Dat Ain’t Cool,’ Da-Mind presents a unique perspective that diverges from the conventional portrayal of materialism and luxury. Instead, he delves into […]

Da-Mind’s Hit Song: Revolutionizing Hip-Hop Culture with ‘Dat Ain’t Cool

Prepare to be enthralled by the vibrant beats and irresistible Afrobeats rhythms of Thami Jay’s newest album, ‘Essence of Faith.’ This mesmerizing collection offers a unique and danceable perspective on Christianity, going beyond the ordinary gospel experience. It seamlessly combines the joy of dance with heartfelt praise, bringing the spirit […]

Thami Jay’s Latest Album, ‘Essence of Faith’: Unforgettable Gospel House Delight.

Creating a top hit record is a dream shared by countless aspiring musicians and producers. While there is no guaranteed formula for success, there are certain principles and strategies that can increase the chances of crafting a chart-topping hit. In this article, we delve into the secrets behind making a […]

Decoding Success: The Secrets to Making a Top Hit Record.

In the vibrant music landscape of the 1980s, few bands captured the essence of the era quite like Spandau Ballet. With their distinctive sound, stylish aesthetic, and heartfelt ballads, they etched their name into music history. From the dawn of the New Romantic movement to their enduring legacy, this article […]

Reveling in the New Romantic Movement: The Enduring Journey of Spandau Ballet.

‘Paint a Dream’ is the new album from ‘Deann René’. Paint a Dream was produced by husband, Kris Brown, along with Ron D’Agenio and Deann, and recorded at Austin’s Hoodoo Studio. Paint a Dream, proves that it is life’s varied experiences and heartbreaking disappointments that are essential ingredients for creating […]

‘Paint a Dream’ is the beautiful new album from rising star ‘Deann René’

“Somebody Said” is the new single from ‘Lee Desty’. The song “Somebody Said” is about a guy hoping gossip and social media texts from his friends doesn’t end his new love before it gets going. Lee Desty is an award winning singer songwriter of folk pop from Southampton in England. […]

“Somebody Said” is the new hit single from ‘Lee Desty’.

‘Sahara’ is the epic new electronic single from ‘Mou5ZyZZ’. Mou5ZyZZ “Mouse zzZ” Andrew Niman – Producer/DJ, Drummer, Guitar player, Dancer, Surfer, Singer and Writer, born February 8th 1984. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico (505). Born in Los Angeles, California. A musician since childhood, Andrew always felt a passionate Love for […]

‘Sahara’ is the mesmerizing new electronic hit single from ‘Mou5ZyZZ’.

Jono Windsor, an Australian artist, is a man who wears many different hats. Not only is he a singer/songwriter and trumpet player, but he is also a very competitive distance runner and triathlete, with experience at competing in Australian Championships. Jono is in fact, one of very few artists to […]

‘Attracted To You’ is Jono Windsor’s second hit single

‘What it Seems’ is the new single from Adrian Javon ft Sham1016. Adrian Javon taps Sham1016 for this peaceful vibe for What it Seems. Released in back 2021, the 2 grant the nostalgic single a highly necessary piece of art shot by Carlos Sanchez. Online: https://music.apple.com/us/album/what-it-seems-ep/1559618614 http://www.Instagram.com/iamadrianjavon http://www.Instagram.com/sham1016

‘What it Seems’ is the peaceful new single from ‘Adrian Javon’ ft ‘Sham1016’.

Genre-bending hip-hop trailblazer Souleye has released his latest single, “Emergency,” featuring seven-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette, April 15. “Emergency” is the lead single off Souleye’s upcoming highly-anticipated full-length album, Disguised As Tomorrow, the follow-up to his acclaimed album, hunting teardrops, released last spring. Produced by Bil Bless, the latest […]

Top hitmaker ‘Alanis Morissette’ teams up with Genre-bending hip-hop trailblazer ‘Souleye’ for hot new single ‘Emergency’.

The fact that the Dutch hip-hop scene is getting better and better and is working on a rise has not gone unnoticed by TopHitz either. Eliyiah is one of Holland’s most promising (international) artists at the moment. Eliyiah (Philip Kroep) has been around in the hip-hop scene for years and […]

Meet Eliyiah, hip-hop’s most exciting new force?