‘Red Devil Vortex’ Releases ‘Psycho’ Music Video

It’s not every day that a new entrant to the music field achieves immense success with their very first EP – but this was something that was undoubtedly true for Red Devil Vortex, whose immense success in the music industry was largely spurred on by their early achievements with their EP, Something Has to Die. This immense title has achieved a staggered 360,000 streams since its first release, and during week one alone, it sold well over 1000 copies. That’s not a bad result at all for a brand new band.

The future was looking bright for Red Devil Vortex – but unfortunately, this came crashing down with the loss of producer Augustus Cryns. However, lead singer and bassist Gabriel Connor was determined to keep the band going in memory of his good friend and colleague and set out to find a new drummer and guitarist to accompany him for future songs.

Luis Kalil filled the role of guitarist, while Eduardo Baldo took over as drummer, both of whom have excellent credentials. In fact, at just twenty-one years of age, Kalil has already performed with countless big names; meanwhile, Baldo was ranked as the 14th best drummer by Japan’s Burnn! Magazine for his talents.

Together, it seems unquestionable that the future is once again brighter for the Red Devil Vortex band, and we wish them all the best with their future career endeavors and goals. After all, the much-anticipated release of the Dark Secrets EP was met with great acclaim. As such, the band has gone on to achieve over 600,000 streams on Spotify alone as a result – and we expect further great things, looking ahead.