Meditative Animal Announces Triple Green Release on the Greenest of Holidays

The musical realm is abuzz with anticipation and excitement as Meditative Animal, the visionary indie alternative folk rock artist, prepares to unveil his latest masterpiece, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament,” on April 20 (4/20). This 16-track odyssey not only marks the culmination of years of artistic evolution but also heralds a profound spiritual exploration that promises to captivate and inspire listeners worldwide.

This upcoming release follows in the footsteps of Meditative Animal’s previous successes, including the critically acclaimed albums “Philosophical Gear” (2016), “Social Gravity” (2021), and “Alternative Phenomenon” (2022). With thousands of streams and widespread coverage in digital media, Meditative Animal has solidified his position as a visionary artist with a timeless, original sound.

Meditative Animal’s musical prowess shines brightly in “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament,” a unique and genre-defying journey that seamlessly melds indie alternative folk rock with surprising elements of hip hop and blues. Produced under his record label Moonlit Creative Works, the album showcases Meditative Animal’s boundless creativity and commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

According to our source, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament” will feature some exclusive collaborations with esteemed artists. Grammy Award nominee G. Love is featured in the lead track “TranscenDance in the Rain (Greener),” Killah Priest from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan in the hip-hop-infused “Lap Dance (Behind the Poles),” and Sticky Fingaz from Onyx in “Aftermath (Oh My Rappah’s Sanity).”

Indeed, this is a hot release, and we shouldn’t miss them. More tracks like “Not Losin’ Out,” “Soul Reckoning,” “An Ode Will Have To Do,” “Bein’ It,” “Much Love and Many Blessings,” and more will be included. When asked about his inspiration, Meditative Animal reflects, “I have been singing and writing poetry for my entire life, and around the age of 18, I started playing guitar and writing songs. I wanted to use my music as a constructive avenue for social progress and change, like the medicine of a shaman.”

The creative process behind “Metaphysical Sherpa: Dirty Fractal Sacrament” is as intricate and multifaceted as the music itself. Drawing from over two decades of songwriting, Meditative Animal meticulously curated a collection of recordings that span his musical evolution. “I have assembled a collection of recordings from my 20-year songwriting history, as well as the biography to give it all context. Some songs are from my early years, with my experienced production techniques polishing them up and adding to them,” he reveals.

Accompanying the album is Meditative Animal’s biography, “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic,” which offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s life and creative process. The e-book will be available on the same day, 4/20, along with an audiobook via, where the voice of former BBC broadcaster Gill Mills will be heard for the philosophical segments while Meditative Animal himself narrates his personal story. 

As the digital veil is lifted on 4/20, fans can expect a plethora of offerings, from ebook to audiobook, ensuring that the transformative power of Meditative Animal’s artistry is accessible to all who seek it. And for those who crave a tangible connection, fear not, for CDs and hard copies will soon follow, allowing you to hold the magic of “Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic” in the palm of your hand.

For more of Meditative Animal‘s unique musical journey, be sure to visit his website. Explore his store, delve into his blogs, and immerse yourself in his world. In the realm of Meditative Animal, every note is a step closer to nirvana, and every listener a pilgrim on the path to musical transcendence.