Well known for his music & his amazing personality, ‘Glock Savvy’ is back with a hit mixtape “Etcetera”.

In 2015 Glock Savvy Cousin Nuski Baby encouraged him to become a rapper, they would stay up late nights making music till the sun came up, he would setup Concerts in his hometown and perform & he would even make CDs & sell his own music, Glock Savvy was dedicated too follow his dreams.

Shortly after his 6 month bid in jail & gettin in trouble with the law, he told hisself there’s more too life then this, so he started taking his music career seriously. One day he got a call from Nuski Baby & she convinced him to fly to Atlanta to pursue his career & 2days later that’s just what he did.

At first he didn’t really adapt to the scenery that well but after some time he started back selling music,performing & making more & better records, As he would say “He found his style”. As of today Glock Savvy Is well known for his music & his amazing personality.



All streaming links: https://lnk.to/Ll3UIa6Y