‘Purple Zone’ from ‘Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys’ has arrived – Top Hitz Review 10/10

The highly anticipated new single ‘Purple Zone’ from ‘Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys’ has finally arrived and it’s been well worth the wait. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this collaboration of 2 of the biggest and best Synth Pop outfits. Either it was going to be terrible or end up being my favorite new song. I am happy to say it’s the latter.

‘Purple Zone’ is an outstanding single and a great return to form for legendary synth pop outfits Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys. It’s a very well written song that has the melodic sheen of a classic, especially on the irresistible anthemic chorus that instantly sticks in your head and sounds like a new pop classic.

The voices of Marc Almond and Neil Tennant go very well together forming a warm melodic combination of the two that shines of the best 80’s pop moments, while staying bang up to date with a dark modern dystopian 2022 sound, that brings out the best of classic Soft Cell and classic Pet Shop Boys.

You can hear The Pet Shop Boys trademark camp orchestral sleek pop stabs mix in perfectly with the darker synth meanderings of David Ball as it repeats the catchy uplifting chorus time and time again. It’s the first time I can remember being addicted to a song again for many years and so we give it an outstanding Top Hitz 10/10