‘The Kang’ talk to Top Hitz in this candid interview about their controversial new single ‘Popstar’

The Kang are a band formed in Finland with a tongue in cheek attitude and songs delivering nasty and provocative lyrics.

Watch an exclusive interview with ‘The Kang’ here discussing influences and the meaning behind the single.


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The Kang are prolific in cool productions and mixing in all possible genres.

Formed in Helsinki, Finland The Kang are influenced by and continue the Nordic rock/pop style of their peers (à la HIM, The Rasmus, Apocalyptica and Von Hertzen Brothers) with catchy and infectious songs without being too cheesy or predictable.

THE KANG -Popstar single cover

All members are professional music makers and have extensive backgrounds in all aspects of professional music production.

The Kang will take no prisoners and their manifesto states “We don’t bow down to anyone or anything and definitely will not always be politically correct, by any standards”. 

If there’s an issue, The Kang will tackle it with their own unique way.

Like it or not, The Kang will have their say – musically and otherwise.

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thekangband/

Official Website:  https://kangtheband.wixsite.com/thekang