Dubai based band The Boxtones, signed to Universal Music start to make waves in the U.K – Check out their new single ‘Against the Odds’ + Top HitZ review.

The Boxtones are a Scottish/Canadian 5 piece award winning band based in Dubai and signed to Universal Music MENA who have had considerable success in Dubai. The band have captivated hundreds of thousands of fans in Dubai and are now crossing over starting to make waves in the U.K. already receiving positive feedback from BBC Radio Two, BBC Radio Solent and numerous regional and digital Radio stations including Source FM, Switch Radio, Live Wire Talk, London FM and many more.

The Boxtones have so far performed alongside Stereophonics, Kaiser Chiefs, Pharrell Williams, The Who, Blur, Florence & The Machine, Enrique Iglesias, Lily Allen, Jason Derulo, Travis, Razorlight, Richard Ashcroft, The Charlatans, The Ting Tings and many more.

The Boxtone’s new album ‘Home’is out now and features the single Against The Odds, City of Mirrors” feat Two Tone and ‘Home’.

Check out their video for ‘Against the Odds’ here:


Top HitZ – Our Review – Against The Odds

The new U.K single ‘Against the Odds’ from The Boxtones is a huge epic stadium anthem reminiscent of the mammoth sound of Queen or let me entertain you by Robbie. It’s big catchy drum sound rocks and the chorus is infectious with a classic twist shaken not stirred with a true pop sensibility. The vocal is powerful and the video is timeless with a big dose of sexy cheerleaders. This isn’t totally cock rock, but it’s a proper classic real British sound the U.K market has missed for years and that we hope makes a big return against the odds.

Top Hitz tracked down Gary and Louise from the band for a brief chat:


TH: Hey Gaz so what’s the line up ?


Gary Tierney: Songwriter, Lyricist, Singer & Guitarist Louise Peel: Lyricist & Singer Gill Tierney: Drummer Will Janssen: Keyboards Patrick Thibault: Bass


TH: Hey Louise, where did you get the name from ?


The Edinburgh Phone Book. We were totally stumped on a name and were coming up with all sorts of rubbish so Gary started flicking through the phone book. He randomly stuck his finger in the pages and it happened to be a page listing Jukeboxes. We scrambled the words up, took off the ‘Juke’ and added a ‘Tones’, and then decided on a ‘The’ at the start. We thought the ‘The’ was cool because all the greats have it…The Beatles, The Stones, The ‘The’… it added a bit of weight. It wasn’t a very technical process and it doesn’t have any deeper meaning than that. A band needs a name – this one stuck.


TH: Louise, do you write to particular themes ?


I think for most lyricists anything that you write will always have a piece of your psyche in there, no matter how buried or hidden it is. It’s impossible to completely separate yourself from your words even if it’s a fantasy story about an imagined person’s life. It probably still has an element in there that appeals to you or ruminates within you. I’m a really nostalgic person so most of the lyrics I write are about human relationships, breaking ties that bind you (whatever they may be) or about new life beginnings. Freedom is a theme I always find myself coming back to. The more uplifting lyrics often feature elements inspired by travel and adventure, about embracing life and being brave in your choices.


TH: Gary, why did you decide to take on the music industry as a career ?


I have always loved music from a very young age. My mum and dad were The Beatles and The Stones, so every weekend we would have a stand-off between who would be played. Often it ended up both and we were assaulted with ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ and ‘Start Me Up’ constantly. I got a keyboard for Christmas when I was 5 or 6, and just lived on it. It had light up keys so you could follow the notes. I got my first guitar at 18 I think, and because it was cooler, I dropped the keyboard and learned guitar. Singing came afterwards and Gill and I started our first band when she was about 11. We both have never looked back, music is everything.

Check The Boxtones online: