New EP from Yellow Creatures–Spectrum–Review

‘Spectrum’ is the third EP from Newcastle based Yellow Creatures.

It follows their 2014 release  ‘The Year of Everything & Nothing’  EP, which saw the band being selected to play the BBC 6 Music Festival in 2015 where they were introduced by Tom Robinson.

Yellow Creatures influences range from current pop and alternative artists such as Tame Impala, Solange and Radiohead to the 1960s Musique Concrete of Delia Derbyshire.

After exploring a more synth-driven direction on their 2015 track ‘Calendar Man’  which was included in The Tipping Point blog and received airplay on BBC Introducing, Spectrum’ is the most developed and experimental record Yellow Creatures have released to date.

The seven songs are a collage of found sounds and pop melodies incorporating field recordings, electronic beats, swelling synths and polyrhythmic drums.

Lyrically  ‘Spectrum’ is dreamy and pensive with frontman Marc Bird exploring themes both personal and universal.

‘Last Census’ is a frenzied  pulsating prophecy of what life might be like after the last-ever census on Earth  while ‘Pressing Buttons’ is a shimmering, euphoric ode to how modern technology affects our personal relationships.

The EP will be available to download from on 27th February 2017 and is available now to pre-order along with a free download of lead track ‘Spectrum’

Spectrum EP Cover

Top HitZ review – Yellow Creatures – Spectrum

‘Spectrum’ from Newcastle based Yellow Creatures was an epic surprise in our inbox.  These days bands all attempt to sound the same looking for fame and glory. This is very evidently not the case with Yellow Creatures. In fact they are delivering art in it’s true form. Instead of producing music that is standard and normal, they have take the route of acts like Radiohead and are doing exactly what they want to do. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be ?. Art because it’s unique, different and inspiring instead of art for arts sake.

The E.P lifts off with  ‘Up down left right’ and we hear lovely electronic bleeps, eerie organs and synths and stylish experimental beats. Overall, this epic E.P has a bit of a shoegazing mood to it and other tracks like the title track ‘Spectrum’ take you on a journey to a distant world.

This could be the soundtrack to a big sci-fi movie and is majestic, dreamy and with lovely odd synth bleeps everywhere. The vocals are smooth, melodic and timeless and remind us of an Indie Alan Parsons ‘Time’……Indie bliss.

We think it’s time to follow these Yellow Creatures into the dimension they come from, sit back, have a smoke and let them take you to another world.

7/10 Highly suggested late night listening.