South African star Byron Major debuts on the official U.K Music Week Pop Charts with ‘Midnight Daydream’ remix by Mikey Gallagher

Byron Major is a singer/songwriter based in South Africa who released his brand new single ‘Midnight Daydream’ in the U.K on 1 June 2017 with distribution via Universal Music Operations.

‘Midnight Daydream’ has now debuted on the official U.K Music Week Pop charts at no 35 and is rising steadily following nationwide Club support for the single remixed by legendary DJ Mikey Gallagher ( Leona Lewis, Snow Patrol, Danny Howells, JUSTICE, Nightcrawlers, Paul Oakenfold, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound ).

Byron Major chart 35

Byron Major has already performed his original song ‘South Africa’ at Nelson Mandela’s Boston birthday celebration in 2013, shared a stage with Pavarotti for his farewell tour in South Africa as part of the Drakensberg Boys Choir, hit the Top 24 of South African Idols at the age of 17 and sang alongside Grammy Award-winning songwriter Paula Cole at a song writing showcase while attending the prestigious, Berklee College of Music in America.

byron major

His 2016 single ‘May Flower’ caught the attention of 21 Radio stations across the UK and was produced by multi-platinum selling producer Andy Whitmore (Lemar, Atomic Kitten & Eternal) in the Londoner’s Greystoke Studios.

While studying a Masters in Music and BCom in Financial Sciences con-currently in 2016, Byron Major’s original track ‘Delicious’ charted for 10-weeks on college Radio in South Africa.

Putting Singer/Songwriter Byron Major’s music into a box is not going to work. While his style is certainly influenced by his early classical music training, Byron takes on elements from Motown to 21st century electronica and even traditional fused South African sounds.

His musical influences derive from artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince but his philosophy of musical variety is one that rejects categorizations.

Byrons says “My dream is for all of music to live under one umbrella, in one home. To me, genres in music is like racism in society – not applicable”, he explains. He likes to describe his own sound as ‘Soultronic’.

Byron Major (Artwork)

Byron Major’s song ‘Midnight Daydream’ speaks to the questions we all face regarding the afterlife, the blur between dreams and reality, and the connections we as humans have with loved ones who have passed.

‘Midnight Daydream’ is out now in the U.K with distribution via Universal Music Operations.

Byron Major online:

Byron is definitely a music genius and understands the importance of the synergy between classical music and the digital space the industry is following.” – B Sharp Entertainment.