‘Orchid Child’ is the inspiring new story and book from Lynn Pereira

Orchid Child, the autobiography by Lynn Pereira is something very different and the reader will not want to put it down.

The book has a heartfelt foreword written by acclaimed consultant plastic surgeon, Eric Gustavson, FRCS who treated her horrific injuries for many years in London.

Orchid Child follows Lynn’s early life in Saigon and the vicious acid attack, when she was just 33 years old. The unprovoked attack left her blind and badly disfigured and it was to change her young life forever.

The book follows her early life in Vietnam and her lengthy battle with more than a hundred and forty painful operations and skin grafts, which began as far back as 1981.

Lynn was born in Saigon, her mother was a gynaecologist and her father a very successful tailor, who made clothes for the President.

Prior to the vicious attack Lynn was well travelled and although she was married with children, she still managed to set up and run a number of successful businesses around the world.

Lynn’s autobiography takes the reader into the background of this attack, how the attackers took their time to wreak their revenge, and the world of reconstructive plastic surgery, the pain, and suffering she went through as she rebuilt a new life.

Being blind has obviously changed Lynn’s life. She now uses a computer designed for blind and partially sighted users. Coach, James Goldsworthy, who has more than nine years of training and mentoring experience said, Lynn learned how to use it effectively in two weeks and it has opened up a new world to her.

Lynn has regained her independence and now cooks, entertains, and continues to travel the world as a motivational speaker, writer and publisher.

She has appeared on television shows and supports a charity for under privileged children.

“Despite what happened to me – life is good,” says Lynn.

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