“I feel warm and alive when I play it” says ‘Igor Garnier’ in this interview on the launch of ‘Seven Kingdom Army’

Serbian celeb DJ and Producer Igor Garnier is at it again with the recent release of the ambitious track ‘Seven Kingdom Army’ (featuring Ria Washington). ‘Seven Kingdom Army’ can best be described as an anthem – emotionally powerful on a grand scale.

The following is a quick Q&A about the song from a recent sit-down with Igor.

Q: What was your inspiration for Seven Kingdom Army?

A: It is about the small heroes of the day. The people who give without expecting anything in return. Good souls. Good people – the people who are selflessly giving love and sharing the light within them. They are the warriors of the Seven Kingdom Army. Actions don’t need to be gigantic to have a big effect.

Q: What genre or music category would you put the song in?

Electronica music. It was electronically made. Not pop, not dance. Not a specific genre. I made what I was feeling.

Q: Where did you find Ria Washington whom you featured in this song, and what was it like to collaborate with her?

A: I found Ria when she was hosting a radio show I worked on. She was singing during her show – a really smooth and high falsetto. I was like, “wow – she has skills.” I asked her if she wanted to jam after the show. She agreed, and I wrote the song on the fly. I already had the beat ready. She was in the booth. I would write a line. Then, she would sing it back.

I recorded on a Friday. On Monday background vocals were recorded with a seasoned Gospel group called “The Light” who happened to be in the studio. They felt the song, and were compelled to contribute. They believed in the song. It was very touching, and I think that shines through in the song – just like Ria’s heartfelt vocals.

seven kingdom army cover copy

Q: Is there a story behind Seven Kingdom Army?

The song channels the fresh emotional angst of a tragedy in Ria’s life. Ria’s son was shot and killed just a week before we recorded the song. He was 16, and killed by another 16 year old. A terrible and senseless action. What does it take for someone to take a life? My thought is that if someone was loved by a member of the Seven Kingdom Army they would not have taken the action. Ria poured some real pain, and true optimism into the song, and I think the vocals resonate with power and resolve.

Q: How does this song make you feel?

I feel warm and alive when I play it. It makes me feel who I am. It’s a translation of my spirit, feeling and emotions. I hope by sharing the pureness and genuineness I had in my heart when creating this song that I can inspire people to become soldiers in the Seven Kingdom Army.

Seven Nation Army (Featuring Ria Washington) is Available on Spotify and SoundCloud at:

· SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/6PaJaUqTMKDQ5GlWS0JCzc

· SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/igorgarnier/igor-garnier-feat-ria-washington-seven-kingdom-army

Igor Garnier is on-line at:

WEB: http://www.igorgarnier.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/igorgarniermusic/

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