Ace the Fetus is an artist with a deep understanding of visuals, as is seen in his latest video for his new single ‘Shuger’

I don’t know about you, but I love a good musical obsession. You know, the right kind of ear worm that wiggles into your brain and simply refuses to leave? That’s exactly what Ace the Fetus’s latest track, “Shuger”, will do to you. A strangely fascinating song and music video, “Shuger” tells the strange tale of obsession and touches upon a theme as old as time – love and the broken heart. It’s perhaps for this reason that the song has amassed such an impressive fandom in just over a month since its release. Or perhaps it’s Ace the Fetus’s strange, yet compelling presence.

From the first moment you see him, you know that Ace the Fetus is an artist with a deep understanding of visuals.
You can also get this from his odd music videos, such as the one for “Shuger”, which features an eclectic mix of characters, such as a box with eyes, a moving fetus, and of course, the artist himself in a wide array of different costumes and poses. This, in my opinion, makes the song that much more relatable, and in a way speaks of Ace the Fetus’s varied following. Because of his ability to transcend genres so seamlessly, Ace the Fetus has garnered quite some international acclaim, from a varied mix of listeners.

“Shuger”, despite the fact that it was released only a month before, has already amassed quite an impressive following, and is steadily climbing the charts on streaming platforms everywhere. Ace the Fetus is, I think, an artist like no other in this present day of ours, and I honestly think that’s what’s going to make him a raging success.

Obviously a young man with a lot of heart, skill, and the brains to steer them all in the right direction, Ace the Fetus is set to become a raging sensation in the near future. It’s up to us to follow such impressive artists early on, so we can later boast to our friends that we always knew they’d go big, eh?

Watch the video here: