Using a soundtrack created by ‘Old Town Road’ producer, ‘Francesc Font’ drops a ‘Maniac’ of a tune

While spending months of his time putting lyrics down to paper and writing any thoughts that could potentially spark inspiration, Spanish singer and songwriter Francesc Font met producer Dani Gual. The pair found they held mutual interests in music and Francesc began to sharpen his own skills in production and composition

Maniac’, Francesc’s new single, uses a soundscape created by Dutch Producer YoungKio who has gained mass recognition as the hands behind the worldwide hit ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X.

The dark instrumental happened to be the perfect fit for a set of melodies and lyrics that Francesc had been working on. Four months on from securing the beat with a thumb’s up from the producer, the song was complete and ready to be released.

A dark moment of introspection, the track sees Francesc put his narcissistic thoughts and feelings on display. Over a bopping trap instrumental, he describes his own obsessions over money, alcohol and women, which constantly lead him into bad situations.

He states that the track is about “those negative thoughts that make you act in ways you normally wouldn’t which make you feel uncomfortable with yourself and just destroy you. And this, reflects to how the world and society functions nowadays. Its all getting crazy and crazy, so why not going maniac with ourselves?”

Maniac is now available on Spotify and all streaming platforms. Upload your Halloween playlist cuz ‘Maniac’ is about to hit hard.