TOP HITZ UK BEST NEW POP DANCE: ‘Olya K’ releases the fun and catchy as ‘Aqua’ dance pop single ‘Hollywood’

Olya K is a versatile and distinctive artist from Bulgaria with extensive stage and touring experience.

Olya K was a part of the Nashville music scene and has performed covers and originals in Clubs and stadiums across the globe.

After leaving Nashville, Olya K re-located to California, the home of ‘Hollywood’ and the title of her fun brand new pop dance single.

Olya K was recently featured on ‘The Culture News’ and was described as a “Versatile artist and adorable person”.

Olya K delivers a catchy, bright and bouncy pop single that stays in your head and gets you dancing.

Fun and catchy as ‘Aqua’ dance pop single ‘Hollywood’  – Top Hitz UK



“Hollywood “