Top HitZ talk to Esther Eden hot new signing to Universal Music Mena hitting clubs in the UK


Discovered by Jessie J and signed to Universal Music, Esther Eden releases her debut album ‘Solitaire’ featuring her beautiful single “ Is this love”.

Esther Eden’s lush new single “Is this Love” is now out in the U.K with remixes already spinning in U.K clubs from Liquid, Emporium, Agenda, KrazyHouse Liverpool, Yates, Egg and Patcha to Ministry of Sound.

 Esther Eden grew up in the UAE, listening to her mother singing along to jazz music and Ella Fitzgerald. With a voice way beyond her years, at the age of 18 now, her vocal maturity has reached a tremendous peak.

Her music journey started off with a life changing experience. In 2014, Jessie J heard Esther performing and filmed the entire performance on her phone.

She also invited Esther to sing her original song at Jessie J’s concert that very evening for an audience of over 10,000 people. A truly inspiring story that hit the headlines and so Esther’s fan base started to develop since then.

At the end of 2015, Universal Music MENA signed a record deal with her to produce and release her new debut album.

Esther Eden was nominated for the Emirates Woman, Woman Of The Year Awards 2016 For the BEST YOUNG TALENT 2016 and has been featured in KhaleejTimes, The National and was given a Full page takeover on iTunes.

Esther’s debut album ‘Solitaire’ was released on November 18 2016 on Universal Music Mena and features the single ” Is this Love”.


Top Hitz were delighted to hook up with Esther Eden.

What is your new single about and where did the inspiration come from ?

I wrote “Is This Love” when I was 16 years old. It’s about how there can be different kinds of love. The love you may have for your family, pets, your passion and so much more. The lyrics in the song describes how I felt the world was when I felt that kind of love.

EE - Is This Love Remixes (EP) Cover Art

Can you recommend any artists from your home country or town that you like or would like to collaborate or work with ? Where are you based ? Tell us about your local music scene.

It all depends on the song and the kind of collaboration.  Currently I have written all the songs in my album.  However maybe in future I would be open to collaborating with others here and abroad. I am based in Dubai – have lived here since I was 7 months old. The music scene here is evolving and there is great talent everywhere.  Tons of open mic nights where new artists can showcase their talents.

Do you have a specific songwriting method or practice ?

I always need to experience something to let the music/lyrics flow.  I could write a couple of songs in an hour and then not write anything for a few months.  Its all my life’s experiences turning into music

What’s been one of the most hilarious moments or highlights while touring or playing a gig ?

My mum sorta forced me to sing a song ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles because she enjoyed me singing it.  And though its a good song the lyrics are just too much for the 16 yr old that I was.  So I sang the first line and forgot the lyrics to the entire song thereafter.  The only thing I remember was “Come together right now over me”.   So here I was…’Mumble mumble mumber…Come together right now over me”…mumble mumble mumble…. The crowd danced anyways and sang with me!!!

Band members / instruments played ? I don’t have a band as such and am open to performing with various musicians.  I play the guitar, piano and Ukelele

Where does your name come from ?

My name is biblical and my mother coined it so it means “star of delight”

Tell us about any Major gigs, festivals, support slots or any other achievements you are proud of so far ?

Was invited to perform at Jessie J’s gig in Dubai my original song when I was 16, thereafter performed for the very same show as an independant artist (Red Fest) and shared the stage with international artists like – Fifth Harmony, Adam Lambert, Red Foo, Trey Sonz and Eva Simmons.  Performed Beats of the Beach sharing the stage with Sean Paul and Big Sean. Invited to speak at a TedX event. Was among the select few and the youngest to be part of the Red Bull Bass camp Nominated for Young Achiever of the year – Emirates Woman, Signed to Universal Music MENA.

Thanks Esther WOW here at Top Hitz we predict there are big things to come ! Here’s the Video: