Top Hitz interviews: ‘My Autumn Amor’ talks to Top Hitz about his new single ‘Quiet Girl’ and more

Tell us more about your new single ‘Quiet Girl’ ? What is it about ?

Quiet Girl is for anyone who feels too shy to speak up or like their voice won’t matter. Everyone has a light inside that is all their own, and it does matter when you let it shine. You do make a difference.

Where are you based ?

Los Angeles, California.

What is your real name and where does your artist name ‘My Autumn Amor’ come from ?

My real name is Thomas. My Autumn Amor comes from a poem title I wrote in the fall of the year I started the project.

Why are you a contributor to Unicef Guardian circle childrens fund ?

I was a traveling homeless teenager for 3 years in high school and libraries were a safe place to be sometimes. I read a biography of Audrey Hepburn, and learned how she starved during WWII but later in life worked with Unicef to help starving children. I thought if Audrey could go from starving to success, I could make it through as well and one day I would help other hungry children.

Who are your musical influences ?

John Lennon, Bat for Lashes, Pixies

Which instrument is your favorite to play and why?

Guitar has been a part of my life since elementary school and songwriting is such a habit, I don’t know if I could give it up.

What inspired you to become a musician?

My dad was always buying me 2nd hand guitars and Casio keyboards, and making me study the lyrics of John Lennon and David Bowie. Definitely my dad.

Who would be your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?

I would love to write a song with Amanda Palmer from Dresden Dolls, I love her sense of freedom and rebellious spirit.

Do you have any gigs lined up ?

Friday August 27 we are playing an album release show at Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, California.

Where can we find you online ?

All the usual suspects or the official website: