The upbeat, tropical sounding ‘Out Out’ from ‘Bonnie Freechild’ was just featured on the finale of the BBC PROMS

The upbeat, tropical sounding Out Out was just featured on the finale of the BBC PROMS(!!!) despite it being Pop/RnB!! After my Caribbean holiday was cancelled and desperately missing those pre-pandemic east London Afrobeat nights this song was inspired. Mixing Afrobeat drum samples phrased in a typically Caribbean way, topped off with a hint of joyful Kalimba that I bought on my last trip to Bali, takes me back to my south East Asian adopted heritage, combined with over 80 vocal harmonies. The is the Londoner’s song representing our love for diversity, letting go and enjoying the now.

Raised in Borneo, but of English & Australian descent, Bonnie Freechild accidentally went viral on YouTube singing some of her favourite Malaysian and Indonesian RnB/Pop songs.

With more than a million views her candid real-ness and genuine international vibe make her easy to relate to. Losing her mother to Leukaemia at the tender age of 14, whilst in Borneo, her connection to the area runs deep.

She’s spent the pandemic learning the piano, writing and recording (in both Malay and English), developing a sound true to her worldly origins; fusing rhythms and instruments from all over the world, with an edgy pop RnB spin.

Working alongside the world renowned and also internationally vibed pianist Tom Donald on her forthcoming bi-lingual project, Bonnie is enjoying the creative journey into an authentic sound.