The magnificent ‘Spacetrain’ storm up the German DJ Charts into the TOP 10 with their sizzling hot tune ‘Salsa Me’

Driven by their quest for the unique, Spacetrain will transport you into the wonderful cosmos that is music.

At the wheel you’ll find modern romantics for whom music is magical. This is how miracles happen in the form of melodies that sometimes move us to tears bring a smile to our everyday lives or are so catchy that we just cannot stop humming them.

Hotter than chili: SPACETRAIN releases “Salsa Me”. Spring has only just begun but Swiss composers and multi-instrumentalists Dave Macloed and Dean Montenegro alias SPACETRAIN are already promising an unforgettable summer with their new single “Salsa Me”.


‘Salsa Me’ from Spacetrain has charted on the Duetsche DJ Charts with ‘Salsa Me’ hitting the No 8 position and beating global acts like Billie Eilish, Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray Cyrus and Mark Ronson to the position.

Spactrain No 8 Deutsche Charts


The mixture of pop and latin is complemented by rousing sexy salsa elements and the sensually temperamental voice of the singer Börni Höhn.

The hit-suspicious single clearly stands out from the flood of Latino hits and is hotter than chili and spicier than a fiery summer night.


Who doesn’t feel like a passionate summer love ? The song whisks you away to the sun to the beach promises eternal love and lets you dance the whole night through. The two artists Dave Macloed and Dean Montenegro like to work together again and again with new singers and musicians for their songs.

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