The extraordinary Pop dancing queen ‘Zara Desai’ drops a funky ‘Grace Jones’ meets ‘Notorious’ top hit of a sound with ‘Deep South’

What do you think about when you think of a musician? Partying, loud music and great fun, right?

That’s the cliché we all tend to buy into, but as they say, that is only the tip of the iceberg. The media coats the life of celebrities and artists with unnecessary glam, thus concealing how hard these people worked to get where they are.

That is why I love it when I hear a track like Zara Desai’s “Deep South”, because it reminds me that success doesn’t simply come because you’re talented. It comes together with hours upon hours of hard work, sacrifice, and a whole lot more that we, the fans, barely glimpse.

“Working hard seven days a week,
Ain’t got no time to be silly, me”

Deep South” is a wonderful window into the difficult life of an ambitious young musician. And trust me, I’m not kidding when I say young – Zara Desai is only thirteen years old, and already releasing quality music! In fact, she’s just come out with her debut album, “On Point”.

In that context, we can understand the “being silly” part a whole lot better. At an age where most of the world expects you to do “dumb kid stuff”, Zara is putting in countless hours in the studio, along with her music producer father, Kenz Desai, in order to build a path for herself on the music scene. And we definitely get a picture of that with “Deep South”.

“Planetary Wonder”, on the other hand, is a highly catchy party song. See, the way I view it, “Deep South” is the song you listen to while studying or working or doing whatever it is you do, and then “Planetary Wonder” is the chill fun track you blast to dance your stress away.
It’s precisely that sort of uninhibited and happy song that stays lodged in your brain long after you hear it, making you come back to Zara’s music again and again for a dose of relax, but also motivation.


The extraordinary Pop dancing queen ‘Zara Desai’ drops a funky ‘Grace Jones’ meets ‘Notorious’ top hit of a sound with ‘Deep South’Top Hitz

This young artist displays a delightful and refreshing musical versatility and ambition, making us sure that her future will hold great things. Zara Desai really seems like the sort of girl who can achieve anything she sets out to, and we look forward to hearing more from her in the future!



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