‘’Dancehall- Afro Fusion artist, Ithiopia kicks off the her summer project, African Doll with a sure hit single, African Drum. This uptempo dance track combines the flavours of 90s style bashment dancehall with the heritage of the Djembe drum. In her lively and provocative lyrics she is asking her listeners […]

Dancehall-Afro Fusion artist drops new single ‘African Drum’

Chukwuba Raymond Nnamdi is known for his music as Ray D. He grew up in Nigeria with his widowed father and one of his sisters. Ray D started in music by joining the church choir at the age of 12. In November 2013 he released his first single London Girl, […]

Nigerian Artist Ray D to Launch Peace and Unity to World

Elena Miller is a spicy singer-songwriter with a bright, fun and fresh sound. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now lives in the UK. She has been exposed to music her whole life, which gave her a passion for it and she started writing her own songs very young. […]

Bashment Ladies released in UK after big overseas enthusiasm

Johnny’s 2013 smash Big Booty Gal Pop facts: Johnny Roxx Johnny Roxx’s single Just Wanna Dance features Jessie James who put vocals over a beat Roxx had created in under two hours. The production, mastering and video shoot for Just Wanna Dance was finished in two weeks while James was […]

The Johnny Roxx new single rocks