Sounding like a classic Top Hit, Heavenly voiced Dominican artist ‘Téhilah’ touches the soul with her golden sweet song ‘Dried Roses’

“Everybody’s got a plan to Be better
I won’t stand for anything less
I don’t need no dried roses”

These lyrics hit me with an unexpected strength and emotion and resonated with something buried deep within myself. And I think it’s not an isolated case. I think it’s precisely this image of being lost, of not having a plan or perhaps having one but not knowing how it will turn out, that will speak to many, both young and old, who take the time to listen to Dominican artist Tehilah’s brand new track, “Dried Roses”.

Now, in order to truly understand this piece, it’s important that we look into the title, that we make an effort to grasp the complex and enchanting imagery that the young, talented artist has sprinkled into the song.

In popular mythology, dried roses (and dried flowers, in general) tend to symbolize bad luck or an ill omen. It’s believed that being gifted a dry rose, or even receiving one that is in-bloom but then quickly dies means the end of a relationship or generally a profound loss.

Sounding like a classic Top Hit, Heavenly voiced Dominican artist ‘Téhilah’ touches the soul with her golden sweet song ‘Dried Roses’ – Top Hitz UK

In Tehilah’s repetition of the line “I don’t need no dried roses”, this is exactly what she’s telling us, conferring a prayer-like feeling to her song. It’s as if she’s standing here, at the beginning of her journey, and hoping she doesn’t run into any bad luck or bad situations along the way.

It’s also a look back into her past and a resounding message of resilience. “Uncomfortable situations I avoided, Cause I need to be situated,” Tehilah tells us, suggesting that perhaps the dried roses are somewhere in her past, and that she escaped them, that she survived and found her place in spite of the bad luck that came her way.

And what I truly love about this song is that everyone encounters bad luck at some point in their life, don’t they? That’s what makes “Dried Roses”, with the sad, beautiful voice and the soft guitar sound, a universal track that’s very easy to relate to at any point in your life and in almost any circumstance.

“Dried Roses” has this incredible potential to become am emblem to a world that seems to have seen nothing but bad luck lately. And even if you don’t feel that way, even if you’re in a great place in your life right now, I still feel like you should really listen to this tune because… well, because when has good music ever been a bad thing?