Seasons – American Authors


For their third studio album, the Brooklyn-based alt-pop band traveled to a mountainside studio 20 minutes outside Nashville. The change of scenery is reflected on Seasons: The highs are higher, the mood bright and introspective. “Bring It on Home,” “Neighborhood,” and “Can’t Stop Me Now” feed off the same energy that made “Best Day of My Life” a 2014 breakout hit. There’s something more reverential this time around: “Deep Water” searches for meaning with the passion of a preacher (“I can’t find my purpose if I don’t know what my worth is,” goes a line). “Say Amen” (featuring Ontario singer-songwriter Billy Raffoul) and “A Real Place” go even further, swirling with restorative gospel touches. Seasons shows that American Authors still make joyful, fun alt-pop, but have found different routes to get there.