‘Raphaël Klemm’ releases a top hit with an ultra-catchy chorus on new single ‘Sorry dear world’

Sorry dear world” is the brand new single and club remix from French and English speaking songwriter Raphaël Klemm.

First and foremost, “Sorry dear world” is a powerful melody, with an ultra-catchy chorus that gets into your head, never to leave again.

Though influences as diverse as The Rolling Stones, Muse, David Bowie, Radiohead and many others can be spotted, the song nevertheless has its own style and a genuine sound identity, perfectly in tune with its times.

Mixing haunting rock riffs with an irresistible electro-pop atmosphere, supported by a warm and powerful voice, “Sorry dear world” is one of those singles that you catch and love from the first listen… and even more the following ones!

A French- and English-speaking songwriter, Raphaël Klemm is a real musician, a passionate guitarist nurtured on the roots of legendary rock. But also an inspired singer and lyricist.

After having written and composed many songs in French, particularly acclaimed for the quality of their lyrics, he now shifts to the other side of his musical and linguistic passion: That of all these mythical groups which shaped the musician within him.

Thus he offers us “Sorry dear world“, a melodic bomb with bittersweet lyrics, where God has decided to ignore the calls of a world he no longer recognizes. And where Men are forced to leave a message on his answering machine, which he may never listen to…