MUSIC BLOG PROMOTION: As 2020 takes the music industry to a new digital era, Music Blogs kill the magazine star as ‘Discover Media Digital’ go Top 40 with their ‘official’ music news network.

As the world embraces a global pandemic which has changed the face of the planet, never mind the music industry, a new platform and Music News publishing star emerges.

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2020 takes the music industry to a future new digital era as music blog publisher ‘Discover Media Digital’ kills the music magazine star going Top 40 at Feedspot with Top Hitz on their ‘official’ music news network.

Independently publishing ‘Official Music News’ direct from the Labels, Artists and bands themselves for 8 years, Discover Media Digital now move into the mainstream and are are turning the modern music world upside down with it’s now globally established music news network.

Top-Hitz-Cover-Stars-Matthew-Schultz-and-Gyptian- Top-Hitz-Cover-Stars-Leee-John-of-Imagination-Issue-3-Digital-Edition-L-Stereobuzz-Music-Magazine-Cover-I-Passed-Away-2020-S Record-Niche-Music-Blog-Cover-Stars-N2BLU_small Top-Hitz-Cover-Stars-Stand-Up-For-Our-Heroes-Dar.Ra-Issue-4-Digital-Edition-LLL_thumb New-Music-Times-2020-Cover-Star-B-B-Bongs-UK-Chart_L Musichitbox-PDF-For-Print-Edition-Magazine-Cover-Stars-DJ-Elektrique-Afrique-medium Musichitbox-PDF-For-Print-Edition-Magazine-Cover-Stars-OMG-Collective-The-Weekend_L-New-Sound-Express-Cover-Stars-Bad-Luv-Edition-1-1-1

Discover publish global brands like Top Hitz, Mixtaped, MHBOX, New Sound Express, Weekly Music Express, Citybeats, Chasing Tunes, Bafana Magazine, London FM Digital and more.

The network is an official music news platform that is not only winning over global music fans and readers, but also working for creators, artists, bands and record labels in delivering their official music news and getting the word out about their music and products.

Top-Hitz-Music-Blog-Print-PDF-Edition-2- Chasing Tunes Cover - Dar.Ra The Beat London FM Digital July L2_FINAL  Citybeats Cover Star - July 2020 Edition  - Dar.ra The Beat_FINAL_LDiscover-Media-Digital-Cover-Star-Muzic-Mirror-J-Maurice-Favors_final Groove-Magazine-PDF-for-Print-Edition-1-Cover-Stars-The-Caligaris- Mixtaped-PDF-for-Print-Edition-Cover-Stars-OMG-Collective-1-1-1 Musitrendz-Music-Blog-Cover-Star-Darra_L-2Stereo-Buzz-Cover-Star-Hannah-Goebel-New-Sound-Express-Cover-Star-Dar.ra-March-2020_S Mixtaped-PDF-for-Print-Edition-Cover-Stars-OMG-Collective-1-1-1

From Top 10 UK Club Hitmakers to award winning and brand new Independent artists and Trending Fashion companies.