‘MR ROCKSTAR’ launches new classic single ‘All Day ( I’m a Rockstar)

His life may not have been an easy one, but there’s no doubting that the many trials and hardships faced by Mr Rockstar throughout his career and life have influenced his music greatly. Indeed, he has faced more in his life than most of us can even imagine; from getting shot while on his way to the corner shop in 2001, to getting his first criminal conviction in 2002 for fighting while carrying a weapon, he has certainly seen a lot.

While there’s no doubting that the trials and tribulations he has face have undeniably shaped his music, even to this day, that’s not the only way that these events have influenced his life. Indeed, he is now a passionate advocate for supporting crime victims, the disabled, and the homeless. He started his “Life by Faith” campaign in 2016 with the goal of supporting people in need, and this is something that we firmly believe is worth supporting.

Though Mr Rockstar’s music has been a little sporadic, with long breaks between singles at times, it’s always an exciting time to hear of a new single being released. Indeed, he has worked with numerous big names throughout his career, including Rip from Island Gorillaz, Charleston, BB Slimm, and TwinD1st Century.

Unfortunately, he now suffers from severe seizures and head traumas experienced throughout his life have left him in constant pain. Nevertheless, he was still able to release a new single recently called, “All Day (I’m a Rockstar)” and we hope that he’ll continue to produce new content looking forwards too!