Meet Eliyiah, hip-hop’s most exciting new force?

The fact that the Dutch hip-hop scene is getting better and better and is working on a rise has not gone unnoticed by TopHitz either. Eliyiah is one of Holland’s most promising (international) artists at the moment.

Eliyiah (Philip Kroep) has been around in the hip-hop scene for years and started writing, singing and rapping music from his attic room about 8 years ago. His hobby grew into a major passion, which he currently shares with many other artists worldwide. In his first EP ‘Shadow’, his management sought collaborations with Russian producer Sogimura and musical genius Michael Calvillo (King City, California), both of whom have previously worked with major artists including Tory Lanez.

Listening to his records including ‘I Wish It Was All A Dream’, ‘You Broke My Heart’, ‘Promise’, ‘Blow Up’ and ‘In My Dreams’ under which was worked by the above producers, Eliyiah sounds like an up-and-coming music talent to keep a close eye on.

We can’t wait for Eliyiah’s potential collaborations with other artists that will get him ready for international audiences. His self-written songs could potentially mean hundreds if not thousands of new regular listeners.

Eliyiah is a light-hearted rapper with quick-firing pace to glide over the top with an EP that shows a hell of a lot of promise and potential.

Meet Eliyiah via his socials below before he ‘Blows Up’ even more.