Marietta Grant’s new single ‘That’s Why’ is a rather personal song that shows the unique set of challenges she is facing at this time and how life can sometimes get in the way

In today’s day and age, we need some feel-good music that helps nurture our soul and make our mind happy. There are a variety of challenges that we encounter on a daily basis, so we need to find the right way to achieve what we have in mind. Marietta is a great songwriter and singer that focuses on doing just that, while offering us a way to smile and better understand our life.

Marietta just launched a new single called That’s Why and the main focus of this song is to show us just what’s important in our day to day life.

The truth is that you always end up dealing with challenges and situations that can be very demanding in life. What this song does is it shows you that every challenge that appears needs to be faced, and that you have all that it takes to fulfill your goals, no matter how simple or hard they might be.

One of the core advantages of Marietta is that she continually tries to reinvent herself. She combines a multitude of genres, like pop, soul music and also R&B. All of these add up to deliver an engaging, enthralling, but also fun way to re-examine our lives and better understand how it all flows together and why there are sometimes challenges that can arise.

With that in mind, this song is very deep. It shows that there’s always that person in your life that has your back, and which will be there for you every step of the way. You need to know what you are getting into with every relationship, but the right relationship can really change your life. The song is also about confidence and self-love too. It just manages to add up a multitude of important notions into a package that’s very easy to understand.

It’s a song that empowers you to do more, to get past all your insecurities and to better understand yourself as a person. It shows that yes, as long as you know how to achieve those things you have in mind, nothing is impossible. There will be some challenges here and there, but once you tackle things accordingly, the payoff can indeed be incredible every step of the way.

Since Marietta wants to make her audience feel good, the combination of soul music with R&B and some pop really does that. It helps redefine your feelings and actively figure out the challenges and demanding situations that can arise. Of course there are all kinds of problems that appear in your life. But you get to have a better understanding of every situation and fully commit on your growth and happiness. That’s where it all comes into play.

As a whole, Marietta did a very good job with this new single That’s Why, because it makes you think quite deeply about you and your life. It also encourages you to always to more and commit to the ideas you encounter.

The challenges that appear are quite interesting, and you do find a variety of ways to enhance your life and stop worrying about those things no one cares.

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