The electronic music scene has advanced over the years, and this genre is still relevant because of artists like Julian Knoxx, who are still keeping the fans entertained. But Knoxx is not only an electronic artist; he’s also an electronic producer and DJ- that clearly says a lot about his personality.

Julian announced the release of his latest hit single, Line, and so far, it’s not hard to come to terms with the progress we’ve seen with the track. The song “Line” shows us Knoxx’s talent from a different angle, unlike what his fans have ever seen, and this promising artist is becoming more and more relevant to tomorrow’s electronic music scene.

It is a norm to hear almost every successful music artist talk about their idol. For Micheal Jackson, the king of pop, he often referred to legendary James Brown as the inspiration behind his songs and dance performances. 

For Knoxx, his music style draws influence from seasoned artists like Martin Garrix, and every time he heard him sing, it almost seems like Garrix was fanning the flames of Knoxx’s interest in electronic music. Well, that’s how it should be!

In the new single Line, you can tell that Knoxx took his time to concoct it in a way that features hypnotic progressions, beats, and drops which to date far surpasses his previous releases.

That’s because Knoxx is someone who always pushes himself to outdo his past in every way possible, especially; through music. The world should better watch out for this artist!

If you know Knoxx, one thing you’ll be able to say about him is that he enjoys outdoing his past. And his fans have a lot to learn from this iconic singer.

During his growing years, his interest in music started as a mere fascination. But as time went by, Knoxx rose to the occasion and decided to pursue his music interest. 

He joined a professional musical class, where he learned how to play the piano and keyboard. Then, he joined a band and spent some of his time deejaying in local clubs. 

After studying Martin Garrix’s style of music alongside other A-list electronic artists, Knoxx began to create his music and his debut track, “Never Let Me Go,” shocked many when it was added to Spotify’s playlist Friday Cratediggers.

The timeless song “Line” approves Julian once again as a seasoned talent that’ll transform the genre (electronic music) in ways we never thought possible. It captures a touch of bass, future, and tech house in the near-4-minute track. 

Julian is an inspiration to many upcoming artists, and his journey reminds us of the rewards of due diligence. His fans should expect so much more from this talented electronic music artist, and Knoxx is not about to let them down.