If you hop into the car with Austin Mahone, he won’t take you home.

Singer Austin Mahone appeared on ‘The Today Show’ earlier this morning for Memorial Day and shared a story about his craziest fan encounter with the programme’s host and the audience alike.

This story comes from Press Party

Speaking to Carson Daly before his performance, the star explained that a girl once jumped into a car he was travelling in because she was so desperate to meet him: One time this girl hopped in my car when I was on my way driving home from a show. And I looked over and I was like, ‘I’ve never seen you before. What are you doing?’”

When asked if he kicked the girl out of his vehicle, the heartthrob admitted that it was a case of having to and added that there was no way he could have let her stay: “I had to. I couldn’t just take her home!”

Earlier this month, Mahone told the Huffington Post that fame makes it really difficult to meet girls and he finds it hard to date with his busy schedule: “It’s definitely difficult. My best friends live with me, and I get to see them every day, so we get to hang out and have fun and chill. Relationships are definitely difficult as well, but you just have to make things work and make it happen.”

His debut album, ‘The Secret’, will be released at midnight tonight.

Watch his music video for ‘All I Ever Need’ here: