Carroll Love is back on the scene with a new studio release: More Than 90 Proof.

All too often, country music is based around themes that are upbeat and optimistic – and, while there’s certainly room for that in the musical field, this often leaves the raw emotions we feel throughout life sidelined. This was something that Carroll Love noticed, too, and so he set out to make a difference within the country music scene and begin sharing his tales through song.

Indeed, Carroll Love has always had a passion for music, ever since early. His father’s talent at the piano was a major source of inspiration for his future endeavors; meanwhile, his grandparents actively encouraged him to sing, which led him to perform in many childhood musical pursuits, including school choirs and small-scale bands.

However, it wasn’t until the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic that he really got the chance to start his new career in the music industry. And, since he wrote his first song, he has also gone on to write a whole book of additional musical pieces.

A stark change from the standard country songs, More Than 90 Proof is a powerful rendition telling the tale of break-ups and the raw human emotions that accompany it. We’re confident that his other songs will be equally emotive, powerful, and intense too. As such, it’s with this in mind that we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see how his next singles perform. After all, they’re ready to go and already written; as such, it’s just a question of when Carroll Love will share them with us!