An exceptional electronic production coupled with a melodic and punchy pop vibe, ‘Zizzo World’ unleashes ‘Hate you now’

A beautiful song with so many interesting ideas and a catchy melody that suits the vibe of this release.

Zizzo World is an artist/producer who immediately strikes with a great personality and a really original approach to song writing. He has been on the scene ever since 2004, and he established himself as one of the best talents on the London music scene and beyond.

His recent release, “Hate You Now,” is a great example of the hard work and passion that fuel his music. The song has some really great melody, a punchy, driven beat and more importantly, a smooth lyrical flow that does not only highlight Zizzo World’s incredible vocal prowess, but also his ability to write songs that are catchy, direct and easy to relate to.

While Zizzo World remains appealing and extremely direct, there is also a lot of depth to the music and concept, making for a great balance between appeal and sophistication…Who said catchy music can’t be smart?

Yet, it wasn’t all too long before ‘Hate You Now’ had evolved into a high-octane mix of future pop.

The build-ups are palpitatingly suspenseful, in fact, each new sequence in this constantly surprising and veracious mix will leave you gripped by the authentic energy. Even though Hate You Know is an angst-driven single, there’s plenty of biting catharsis found within the single for anyone looking to aurally vent.