American Top Hit ‘Jack Black’ Co-Actress ‘Shani’ releases a smooth universal Jazz sound on ‘Changing Tides’

You might know Shani through her memorable, sultry and mesmerizing tunes. Or you might know her from her appearances in movies such as “Crossworlds” opposite Jack Black. Or perhaps you know her from her role behind the camera, where she frequently serves as producer and director. Or perhaps you know her through her many charitable ventures, most notably the Voices Out Foundation, aimed at helping abused children and animals.

Or perhaps you don’t know her yet, in which case, not to worry, it’s never too late to start. And what a great way for you to discover Shani, since she’s just come out with a powerful new tune entitled “Changing Tides”.

Done with a tasteful ensemble of bass, saxophone, keyboard, and guitar, each masterfully handled by some top-notch, thoroughbred artists, “Changing Tides” is the sort of song you won’t be able to get out of your head, no matter how much you try. Seriously, we’ve been listening to it on repeat for days now and give no sign of stopping.

But what is it about Shani’s brand new musical release that makes it so darn catchy? Perhaps it’s the jazz-like atmosphere that invites you to sway gently, close your eyes and enjoy the music. Or perhaps it’s Shani’s voice, harmonious and enchanting all at once. Or perhaps it’s her insurmountable energy, which she seems to bring to each and every artistic endeavour, be it in the film industry or in the music world. No matter what it is, you’ll be humming along to this one for a long while yet.

Changing Tides” isn’t just another song. Sure, it makes you sing, and it makes you feel nice, but most of all, it touches something deep inside all of us, it carries this immense power that only truly beautiful things can have. There’s something pure about Shani’s voice and it’s what makes her latest tune truly special.

And by the way, if you just can’t get enough of “Changing Tides”, we highly recommend that you keep an eye out for her next cinematic venture – a movie called “City of Crows”, which she’ll also be singing on and appearing in. There really is no stopping this woman, is there?


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