Alexander James Rodriguez Sings in the Season with Holiday in LA

Alexander James Rodriguez is singing in the much-needed New Year with his Christmas single, ‘Holiday in L.A’ to support UNICEF.

The tween was first introduced to the original Band of Merrymakers song during his elementary school Holiday Show performance, back in 2017 and has added a charity element to the record by launching a fundraiser on GoFundMe, to raise vital funds for children worldwide.

“I believe that Christmas is a time of giving, not just with wonderful gifts from the store but the gift of giving to those who really need it, which is why I chose UNICEF, who tirelessly help children around the world less fortunate,” stated Rodriguez.

“All proceeds from Holiday in LA are being donated to this amazing agency, every stream and every dollar. Although I personally donated, I can’t always give financially, I am just a kid, which is why I am using my music as a platform and method to help my efforts for something that is really meaningful to me. I hope you love the song and the mission behind it.”

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The young actor and independent singer-songwriter recorded his first three songs during the first Los Angeles lockdown, between the public-school system, when he was twelve. His debut single, ‘My Crew’ released in July, followed by ‘Your Smile’ and ‘Up To You’ are each well on their way to hitting 1 million Spotify streams.

He has since recorded three more records set to be released in 2021.


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