will.i.am isn’t sure whether music will continue as an “industry”

will.i.am isn’t sure whether music will continue as an "industry".

The musician has been in the spotlight since finding fame with Black Eyed Peas in 1995 and has his own successful solo career involving singing and TV jobs too.

Another passion of will’s is technology, which he thinks will eventually overrun the business.

‘Music will always be music. Whether or not there is an industry is questionable," he told the audience during a Cannes Lions event. "I don’t really know how we make money moving forward because of the tsunami called mad tech – there was mad men and now there’s mad tech, it transforms everything.’

There have been some heated debates amongst music stars recently about how they are able to benefit from streaming services online. Taylor Swift famously stood up to Apple, slamming it for offering free music and eventually making the tech giant backtrack.

will agrees with this problem, adding: "It toppled our industry to the point of, how do we make money?

‘People still listen to music more than they ever have before, but we have no hardware of our own.’

Despite his fears, will remains passionate about making music. He’s previously said he thinks albums are an outdated concept and that people should concentrate on making singles, plus he’s into discovering fresh artists. This is one of the reasons why he’s appeared on the UK and Australian versions of The Voice, with the star desperate to get some other stars involved with the TV talent show.

"What should really happen is The Voice should be me, Pharrell Williams, Madonna and [singer-songwriters and producers] Ester Dean and Dr. Luke. That would be a sick show because Madonna has a label, I have a label – we’d all be fighting over who’s going to sign who to which label," he told British magazine Hello!