Pura Lumbre – LEGADO 7

Legado 7 is a norteno group from Orange County, California, best known for their “lumbre corridos” (fire corridos), a direct reference to their favorite song subject: marijuana.

Founded in 2014 by songwriter and lead vocalist Alexander Guerra and accordionist Ramón Ruiz from the ashes of earlier individual projects, they recruited three other musicians and began writing songs about weed. Despite their preoccupation with the drug, they can hardly be called a narcocorrido outfit. They sing about various strains of marijuana, the changing nature of the business around it as more states legalize pot, and the party lifestyle. They do not write about cartels or particular outlaws.

Legado 7 is regarded by hardcore norteno fans as the first “stoner corrido” outfit. Their popularity reaches outside the insular community of norteno aficionados to Southern California’s rastafarian community as well. Despite their chosen subject matter, Legado 7 is well versed in the entire corrido and ranchera tradition; their repertoire is so abundant, it can easily accommodate performing at weddings and family picnics. The band’s debut offering, 100% Corridos Verde, was independently issued in 2016, appropriately enough on 4/20 (“420” is the police code for pot). They toured the southwest and played everywhere from county fairs to nightclubs and frat houses. In 2017 — also on 4/20 — they issued their follow-up album, Un Chamaco Sin Futuro, on Rancho Humilde Records (home to Alta Consigna, Los Hijos de Barron, Grupo Codiciado, et. al) and have a live album in the works.

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