Depeche Mode live news

Mediolanum Forum di Assago, Milan

added: 26 Feb 2014 // gig date: 23 Feb 2014
reviewer: Fiona Thorogood

This live review first appeared on Music News

Depeche Mode hailing from Basildon, a few km from my own birthplace, have always had a special place in my heart, but seemingly thousands of Italians too because they have such a massive following here. Sold out at the San Siro stadium this summer, it’s a full house at the Mediolanum forum in Milan where Depeche Mode have returned as part of the second leg of the Delta Machine World Tour.

They still look incredibly good. If Andy Fletcher huddles in the wings now, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore take turns to shine and sparkle onstage, trim and fit the both of them, in waistcoats, Dave without t-shirt as ever so he can strip off easily enough.

Depeche Mode in pose mode

Depeche Mode in pose mode

The crowd is such a mixed bunch of ages after a career spanning more than 30 years, that everyone’s setlist would be different, so it’s just as well to relax and let the band decide. Obviously the centre of the show has as it’s core the last album, Delta machine whose rich, heavy songs lend themselves perfectly to live performances with the drummer Christian Eigner and keyboards maverick Peter Gordeno adding the necessary energy and passion the songs demand.

Tunnels of fun

The concert is a rollercoaster passing through the tunnels of fun, dance, singing, memories of younger days with brilliant scenery of flashing lights and art deco videos on the big screen.

The band seem to be enjoying it all too with Dave as flash and proud as a peacock, in good voice; Martin as magnificent as a lion, a true artist as the solo spots showed ;probably in wonder that things are going so well for them and that they are still together, alive and kicking on stage.

Maybe the sound was rather dampened at times for my liking, sure I would have had a few of my own personal favourites played , but there are always great surprises like ‘behind the wheel’ or a stupendous ‘I Feel You’, as well as the always unsettling ‘Black Celebration’ and majestic ‘Never Let me Down’.