Steve Bounce unleashes new single ‘Miles Away’ – Top HitZ tracked him down for an exclusive interview

Steve Bounce is a music Producer, Sound Engineer (Audio Visual Techie), rhythm and melody swinger who’s music is influenced by Reggae, Pop, Hip Hop, Afrobeat & DanceHall to create his own unique style like no other.

His lyrical contents are so connected with real life, drawing your emotions with his captivating lyrics and he describes his genre as World, Pop and AfroBeat.

The brand new single from Steve Bounce is called ‘Miles Away’ and is out now on Smug Records.

Steve Bounce - Miles Away Cover Photo


Hi Steve, so what’s your sound ?

My music is a blend of AfroBeat, Pop, Reggae and Hip Hop with Meaningful and Inspirational message anyone can relate to.

Tell us about your new single ‘Miles Away’

It’s about lovers who are far and Miles Away from each other and I was inspired by soldiers on the line who miss their loved ones.

Where does your name come from ?

A neighbour called Hardy and all he did was to add Bounce, which made it Steve Bounce.

What do you eat when in the studio ?

I like Fufu, Chicken and Rice. I hardly eat when I’m in the studio.

Do you rehearse a lot ?

If I have to…..don’t really have a specific timing but still depends on what mood or requirement on the planned activity.

Thanks Steve we predict big things for your fantastic release.


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